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The book Wiesenthal is my way of paying tribute to a man who dedicated his life to justice and the prevention of genocide.

About the Book

Simon Wiesenthal was a Jewish Holocaust survivor who became internationally famous for relentlessly pursuing and bringing to justice over 1,100 Nazi war criminals. He is best known for his role in the capture of Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the ‘Final Solution.’ On the day of his retirement, Simon Wiesenthal invites one last group of students into his office. With warmth, wit and surprising humor the famed “Nazi Hunter” recounts how he tracked down history’s most notorious killers, warning his young friends that although progress has been made since WWII, the human savage still lurks just below this wafer-thin veil of civilization. Included with the full play script of this riveting drama is a complete study guide, production photographs, and book club questions.

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Wiesenthal by Tom Dugan is published by Bashert Books Press, a division of Micro Publishing Media, Inc. It is distributed by Cardinal Publishers Group and available wherever books are sold. Bulk sales and educational institute discounts are available by contacting the Publisher at or directly through the distributor by contacting Customer Service at Cardinal Publishers Group at
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About Tom Dugan as Wiesenthal

Simon Wiesenthal, history’s most successful pursuer of Nazis, bringing over 1,100 criminals to justice, lives again in Dugan’s talented hands. “Wiesenthal” is based on the one-man play Dugan has been performing around North America since 2009. 

“His entire career was about the future, not the past,” he said, “how the lessons we have learned from the Holocaust must be applied today.

“The most important message is that people cannot understand the evil that the Nazis represented until they can recognize the potential for evil in themselves. That is tough for people to swallow.”

Dugan said teaching was a crucial Wiesenthal contribution to society. “Nazi hunting was heroic and necessary,” he acknowledged. “But as a teacher of the psychology of man, and of sociology, that was Wiesenthal’s most valuable legacy.  (Right: Tom Dugan as Simon Wiesenthal)


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Tom Dugan as Wiesenthal

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Tom Dugan has performed the award-winning one-man play Wiesenthal throughout North America. The book includes the complete play script, photos from the New York production as well as a study guide about Simon Wiesenthal to be used in classrooms for Holocaust studies. 

Tom is available for book signings, book club events as well as full staged performances in your community. 

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Publisher Deborah Herman of Bashert Books Press a division of Micro Publishing Media, attended a performance of Wiesenthal in New York years before publishing it as a book. 

“I was so taken by the story and performance,” Herman says, “that I went up to Tom after the show and handed him my card. At least two years went by and the pandemic hit so Tom was unable to perform the play on the road. So we decided to keep it in the hands of the audience in book form. I couldn’t be happier with the result.” 

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