With warmth, wit and surprising humor this charming man known as “The Nazi Hunter” recounts like a gripping spy thriller how he solved his most sensational cases warning us that, although progress has been made since the dark days of Nazi Germany, the human savage still lurks just below this wafer-thin veil of civilization.

Tevye in New York!

Based on Sholom  Aleichem’s beloved characters, immortalized in Fiddler in the RoofTevye In New York! follows Tevye the dairyman as he and his daughters make their way through Ellis Island, and into the gritty melting pot of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Tevye In New York! is a magical tale filled with laughter, heartbreak, and joy, as Tevye tries to balance tradition with what it means to be an American Jew.

Tell Him It's Jackie

Kait Haire offers a powerful, blistering performance as former First Lady Jackie Kennedy. It is the evening of June 5th, 1968. Having just received the news of her brother-in-law Robert Kennedy’s assassination, Jackie decides on a course of action that will forever change her future and that of her children. 

Cemetery Pub

new dark comedy set on a cold winter night in a small New Jersey tavern. Dixie, a desperate young bar owner enlists the help of her extremely dysfunctional family to save the pub, and her life.

The Ghosts of Mary Lincoln

Dead branches claw the attic roof, a solitary candle is lit. Trembling hands crack open a long forgotten trunk and out pours an evening of blood, madness and murder. Have you heard? The widow Lincoln is free from the asylum! It’s a thrilling one woman play filled with séances, grave robbers, and of course that fateful night at Fords Theatre!

Frederick Douglass-In the Shadow of Slavery

A highly suspenseful and provocative one-man adventure, starring Broadway’s Mel Johnson Jr., that barrels headfirst into the dramatic complexities of American history.

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